In Marina Grande, a few steps from the port of Capri A taste experience with a Mediterranean flavor

The tradition at its best: freshness, raw materials of the highest quality, passion, enhancement of the territory and its treasures.


The menu is a hymn to the classics of the Neapolitan and island traditions: seafood specialties and home-made pasta cannot miss, as there is no shortage of research and innovation.

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Da Gemma has a culinary tradition of over 80 years. In 2017 the restaurant moved to Marina Grande, becoming one with the Ondine, a historic beach club a few steps from the port. Today Da Gemma boasts one of the most scenic locations on the island, crystal clear waters and an enchanting view of the Gulf of Naples.
Balanced combinations of flavors and a touch of creativity in the presentation of each dish, as a tribute to aesthetics as well as taste.

Characteristics and well-defined personalities, Da Gemma expresses the values of the past, revisiting them with the modernity and vivacity of the present: a constant work of renewal and refinement, to respond to an increasingly attentive clientele.
Change of location, but not of objectives: Da Gemma, a pillar of restaurant for three generations, still focuses on two fundamental ingredients: tradition and simplicity.

To welcome you, the smile of Gemma, face and reference of the Restaurant and Beach Club, heir and witness of the timeless cult of Capri’s hospitality. Gemma, in fact, bears the name of her maternal grandmother, icon of island’s restaurants, making herself the interpreter of a family history full of successes.

Lounge bar & Beach Club
The Cool Side of Capri

The Beach Club was founded in 1912, thanks to the paternal grandfather of Gemma, Danilo Rocchi. Falling in love with Italy, Danilo dedicated his establishment to the magical sea nymphs, "le Ondine".

A dream destination in Marina Grande, a stone's throw from the port, offering a unique accessibility: reachable either on foot or by car, or with the characteristic funicular if you are in the Piazzetta.

Two bars, a lounge area where you can enjoy a pleasant sea breeze while sipping refreshing cocktails.

Its location, easily accessible and accessible to all, makes Da Gemma and the Beach Club Le Ondine the first landing place and the most romantic of good-bye from the island of Capri.

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